Austin Michael Costello is a Puppet Artist from Long Island, New York.  Growing up as a certified (*or is it certifiable?) Muppet geek, he pursued his love of dolly-wiggling.  Costello received his BFA in Puppet Arts from The University of Connecticut’s Puppet Arts Program in 2015 and has since gone on to work for Puppet Kitchen’s monthly Monitor Night, in The Jim Henson Company’s New York Shop and Archives, and as a director for The Hudson Vagabond Puppets.  He has built large puppets for Beauty and The Beast, Pippin, Little Shop of Horrors, and many other stage productions.  His childhood geekiness bloomed in 2017 when part of his Muppet collection was put on display at Museum of The Moving Image in New York as a part of The Jim Henson Exhibition.  He currently works on Sesame Street as an apprentice puppeteer, and at the Long Island Children’s Museum Theater as the Resident Puppet Artist, where he has designed, built, directed, and performed puppets of many styles.

See more on his Instagram… (that’s a hint to click here!)

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