Little Shop of Horrors

Audrey II Puppeteer for Hire!

With my training from Martin P. Robinson (Audrey’s daddy), I’ve been a part of a handfull of Little Shop shows as puppeteer, puppetry instructor, and plant repairman.  Two of the sets of puppets below were built by Monkey Boys Productions of Pennsylvania and Center Stage Productions of Connecticut.

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“… I sense that Austin was a perfect choice, warm and good-natured, utterly professional, pleased to have been able to help. Not to detract from the bravery of the students and their advisors, but Austin, especially due to his modesty, was an unsung hero this past weekend.”

Howard E. Sherman

“This gloriously comedic foul creature is brought to life by the incomparable and breath-taking talent of unseen puppeteer Austin Costello…”


“Git It” at Wantagh High School

Little Shop of Horrors Ivoryton Promo #1

Little Shop of Horrors Ivoryton Promo #2