Growing up as a “Muppet geek,” the life dream was to work my way to The Jim Henson Company.  In the summer of 2013, I interned for Karen Falk at the Henson Archives and in the following summer and winter of 2014 I worked for Melissa Creighton as an assistant in the company’s New York puppet shop.  Some of my jobs during these periods were dusting Jim’s papier mache moose head (which lights up, fun fact), writing for Jim’s Red Book, handling original Henson artwork (I made sure not to drool *too* much over his Big Bird sketches), writing for The Dark Crystal site, and making arm rods…

… lots… and lots… of arm rods.

Also, I’ve been incredibly blessed to do some work on Sesame Street and to train with the best!  I was selected for the 2014 Sesame Workshop Puppeteer Intensive which led to a few quick gigs on Sesame, and another workshop in the fall of 2016.  Now I’m a part of a small team of Mentees who are popping up more and more on the show.

I’m exceptionally proud of my Muppet Wiki page (which some kind soul who follows me does the editing for…)


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I was in the back half of Snuffy for Sesame’s Mannequin Challenge in the Fall of 2016…

And some of the tentacles for this guy…


Some of my work for The Archives…

6/23/1980 – ‘Carol Burnett (MS)’

7/3/1979 – ‘Kenny Rogers (MS)’

7/14/1980 – ‘Marty Feldman (MS)’