The Unicorn Lawyer

At the request of my talent agent/legal advisor, and at my own personal dismay, I’m sharing the following statement…

(And allow me to cut him off, visit him on Instagram, and Facebook.)

Greetings, salutations, and a big NEIGH to everyone reading this!
Oh behalf of myself and Mista C’stello, I’d like to welcome y’all to his website and my little slice of his pie.  Not a LITERAL pie, y’see, we Unicorns aren’t too thrilled by post-supper confections.  But I digress.

Thank you for checking out my client’s work, thus turning you all into HIS clientele.  It’s a vicious cycle that we live in when we indulge another’s work, y’see.  In any case, please have a look around and be our guest here (I say “our”, I’m sure he won’t mind none).

Please write to him, care’a yours truly, regardin’ any live appearances, interviews, job offa’s, or should’ya wanna share a sweet tea with Mista C’stello or myself.  We’d sure love the company.  He’s a kind fella and a pleasure to do business with, but it’s always “puppets, puppets, puppets”…  Would it hurt to sing some Dixie jazz or share some stories about my down home of Birmingham once in a while?

Anyhow, thanks for visitin’.

Sincerely yours in perpetuity throughout the known and unknown universes (just to cova’our ground),

The Unicorn Lawyer, “U.L.”

(Monokeratus Legalus ESQ.)